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A Soulbound refers to a blood contract between a Shaman and their Shikigami that permits them to match Soul Wavelengths.


Soulbonds are spiritual contracts made between two souls that allow them to synchronize their Soul Wavelength. This is a secret ritual that Shamans use to make a Spirit their Shikigami. In order for two individuals to be Soulbound, they must make a binding vow that both parties agree to. A Binding Vow is an act of swearing to uphold an agreement between both sides.

For example, if both parties consciously decide on something along the lines of "I will help you return to your family, and in return, you must make me the strongest Shaman", then they are bound to this contract until both conditions are fulfilled.

Contracts made to benefit both sides provide a stronger combined Wavelength than those who force others into a binding vow leans to one sides favor. The stronger both sides resolve to respect their binding vow, the stronger their Soul Wavelength.